“Sombre et Lumière”

A private residence in the earth of Treviglio, 23 miles east from Milan, an apartment were style and hospitality communicates in synergy. This three-bedroom flat is on the ground floor of a small 1934 building designed by the Milanese architect-engineer Elio Frisia as managerial housing for the Gerosa glass factory that once thrived across the street. The space is been preserved and re-polished to maintain the natural beauty, the original flow of the existing architecture, the deep peacock color is the common thread in the entire house. Pieces of furniture from the Supermobile2046 collection coexist with a remarkable 20th century design collection ranging from Gio Ponti armchairs to Kazuhide Takahama sofas. The poetry result is the work of a wise and sensible approach to the space.