“Contemporary Dandyism”

Characterized by an intimate atmosphere and a versatile soul, the interior of this home is harmoniously inserted in the surrounding area and, at the same time, extraordinarily exotic. At first glance, in the environment made of mirrors and soft lights, the elements strike perfectly preserved by the original architecture; the boiserie and the large windows that dialogue the interiors with the surrounding greenery play a fundamental role in the living space. Natural materials and tropical vegetation make the space full of references to colonial decoration.

The natural foliage stands out against the ink-coloured walls: a sense of drama pervades the space thanks to the use of intense blues with an opaque finish, which together with an aura of mystery, give a sense of intimacy. Bonacina 1889 pieces are thus reinvented to fit into a context with a strong personality, characterized by enveloping atmospheres, dominated by dark colours and eclectic details. It is in this environment that pieces with a dry and square design are integrated, as well as having ornamental fabrics and precious weaves.
A journey into a multifaceted and enigmatic home that speaks of Contemporary Dandyism.